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Dennis Douglas P.E., P.C.

Professional Engineer and Building Inspector

Office hours: 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM 


We check insulation and proper installation of the insulation. We also inspect placement and orientation of the vapor barrier and attic insulation, and explore the impact of faulty placement of insulation in the attic and at the perimeter walls.

Un-insulated perimeter walls can cause high convective heat losses. In this case the heat is literally being sucked out of the house or building. Yes, the so called stack effort can hurt in the wallet while blessing the utility company.

Additionally, we provide asbestos insulation recommendations and outline the action that is needed. Friable asbestos is known to be harmful and is often found in order house and buildings on steam heat distribution lines.

We promote easy and inexpensive methods of insulating perimeter wall without breaking the bank and focus on the reduction of convective heat loss. That is why we invite you to walk and talk to us during our inspection, so that we can verbally interact. Yes, the basement is the key in a home inspection or a building inspection.

Special Services

FHA/203K/HUD Consultant

We have not yet fully recovered from the last economic downturn. Lots and lots of houses are available for purchase and development through the HUD/FHA 203K program. You no longer have to run away from viewing these houses during your search . Even houses or buildings that have faulty structure or need full rehab ma be viable as long as the purchase price and repairs cost match your purchase profile for the home or building. We will do a home inspection or a building inspection on your behalf and provide a scope of work alongside estimate repair cost. This enable the purchaser to compare the existing condition of the house or building with the rehabilitation purchase price. Often these houses are not viewed by many purchasers and this reduces the demand and the price of the house or the building.

Let us walk you through the process:

  • Locate the house at your desired neighborhood.
  • Walk through with a Contractor to get a rough estimate for the repairs.
  • Get approved by the bank for the maximum that you are qualified for or what you can afford or what you want to spend.
  • Be sure that you like the location, the interior space, the size, the orientation. Visit the property at night and on week end nights.
  • Be sure that the school system meets your desire in terms of standards and accessibility.
  • Call us to walk through with you and the Contractor to get a final and accurate repair estimate. There has to be collaboration between all parties regarding the projected repair cost. Yourself, the contractor and ourselves have to be in agreement regarding the repair cost. Remember you are the "Boss"!.
  • Along with the Purchaser and the Contractor we will work in harmony to the end to ensure a desirable end product.

Building Plans and Drawings

Violation Removal

  • Preparation, Filing and Approval of Building Drawings and Plans with local Building Department, Fire Department and all Jurisdictions.

  • Building and House Layouts.
  • Building Addition and Roof Additions.
  • Rear and Side Extensions.
  • Basement Legalization and Violation Removal.
  • Conversion from One- to Two-Family Dwellings and other variations.

*Serving all five boroughs of the city of New York, Long Island, Westchester, Rockland, Putnam, Sullivan, Orange, Dutchess Counties.

*Our inspections are conducted by licensed Professional Engineers In the state of New York.

Let Us Do It!

Do you want to remove a Structural Partition Wall, a Chimney, a Main Beam or other obstacles to suit your ornamental needs? .....

-Check us out and let us do it!

Do you want to increase the natural lighting and ventilation in your house? .....

-Let us do it!

We are fast, accurate, interactive and we aim to satisfy your needs!

Are you selling your property and there is a violation preventing the sale? ..... We will get that violation removed and deal with the Building Department on your behalf.

Is your house adequately protected against the spread of fire?...

-Let us do it!

Do you need a new or expanded Sprinkler System?...

-Let us do it!


  • Life Expectancy.

  • Life Extension and Performance Enhancement of Roof.
  • Roof inspection and loading of roof.
  • Excess roof load on house or building can be problematic.
  • Proper roof ventilation.
  • Underply condensation, corrosion and roof damage.
  • Pitch and General Orientation of Roofs.
  • Types of Roof.

Liability Issues

  • Proper exterior Grading.
  • Causes of improper grading of exterior.
  • Water ponding, icing and potential for slippage.
  • Other Exterior Trip Hazards.
  • Exterior steps, landing, pitch of steps.
  • Water traps on steps, icing.
  • Pitch of Landings.
  • Size of landings.
  • Sidewalks/Maintenance/Responsibility.
  • Proper Pitch and Sizing of Steps.

Storm Water Control

  • Dry Wells.

  • Exterior Grading.
  • Gutters and Leaders.


Work with us to get a deeper insight into our Services. Enjoy our “in situ” inspection process which is Effective, Timely, Easy and Free from Bumps and Glitches!

Work with us, we will walk you through and make the experiences joyful and understandable.

*Serving all five boroughs of the city of New York, Long Island, Westchester, Rockland, Putnam, Sullivan, Orange, Dutchess Counties.

*Our inspections are conducted by licensed Professional Engineers In the state of New York.

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