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Dennis Douglas P.E., P.C.

Professional Engineer and Building Inspector

Office hours: 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM 


  • Beams - Their condition, faulty beams leading to floor deflection.

  • Columns- Faulty columns, temporary columns, proper footing.
  • Girders- Other main structural beams. Proper sizing and placement of girders, main beam sizing and proper installation.
  • Integrity of Foundation- Stone and masonry foundation. Solution to water entry to basement.
  • Sill Plates- Functions and structural condition.

We will provide identification of bearing walls and non-structural walls. We will inspect foundation cracks and their potential impact on storm water entry into the basement. Parapet walls and coping, signs of water ingress to the basement and the presence and potential presence of mold and other negative impacts. How can a solution to water entry to basement of a house or building be realized. We will review the cause of water entry to the basement of the house or a building and recommend an engineering solution.

Heating Systems

  • Adequacy- Do you have adequate heat in the house or building. Our inspection identifies and elaborates on this.

  • Advantages and Disadvantages
  • Hot Water and Hot Air- Distribution of hot water and hot air. Proper sizing of pipes and ducts.
  • Interactive Discussion on Balancing of Heating System
  • Longevity- Life expectancy of Heating System, cause of failure of Heating System.
  • Potential for Expansion and Zoning
  • Steam Heating- Effective pipe sizing and proper air venting- the key factors in heat balancing.
  • Noisy banging of Steam Heating Systems and the cure.

l'll tell you how to effectively distribute the heat without breaking the bank.

We can assess balancing of Steam Heating Systems through effective Building Inspection techniques.

We are your partners in efficient and effective house inspection and building inspection. During a House Inspection or Building Inspection we make sure that your system does not "Hunt". Hunting can cause excess fuel consumption, ineffective heating and an uncomfortable House or Building. Our team specialize in Electrical Services, Wiring, Distribution and Safety concerns.

Types of Fuels

  • Conversion from one Fuel to the other with approximate costs. Buried oil tanks and the potential for leaks into the soil. What actions to take if there is a buried oil tank. Above ground oil tanks and their inspection.
  • Oil and Gas

We will advise you on how to heat each room in the house to the desired temperature, even with one controlling thermostat. We check the radiators for proper venting. We determine the cause of no heat condition of the heating system and make recommendation for solution during our home inspection or our Building inspection. As professional engineers we review the system for adequate heat supply to ensure that the house or building heat landing may be satisfied. 

-Let us help to ensure that the heat supply is adequate.

Plumbing System

  • Checking the Performance of the Sewer Line at full load.- If sewer line is too small or improperly pitched this can lead to blockages.
  • House Traps and their functions.
  • Performance of Traps.
  • Pipe sizing and impact on the performance of the Plumbing System.
  • Types of Drains and Traps.
  • Types of Pipes and impact on Plumbing System. - (Lead pipes a no-no!)
  • Waste and Vent Pipe performance. The sewer system must be checked during a Building Inspection or House Inspection to ensure that the system is properly vented. Faulty venting can cause harmful methane gas trapping, can cause faulty flow conditions.


  • Life Expectancy.

  • Life Extension and Performance Enhancement of Roof.
  • Roof inspection and loading of roof.
  • Excess roof load on house or building can be problematic.
  • Proper roof ventilation.
  • Underply condensation, corrosion and roof damage.
  • Pitch and General Orientation of Roofs.
  • Types of Roof.

Liability Issues

  • Proper exterior Grading.
  • Causes of improper grading of exterior.
  • Water ponding, icing and potential for slippage.
  • Other Exterior Trip Hazards.
  • Exterior steps, landing, pitch of steps.
  • Water traps on steps, icing.
  • Pitch of Landings.
  • Size of landings.
  • Sidewalks/Maintenance/Responsibility.
  • Proper Pitch and Sizing of Steps.

Storm Water Control

  • Dry Wells.

  • Exterior Grading.
  • Gutters and Leaders.


Work with us to get a deeper insight into our Services. Enjoy our “in situ” inspection process which is Effective, Timely, Easy and Free from Bumps and Glitches!

Work with us, we will walk you through and make the experiences joyful and understandable.

*Serving all five boroughs of the city of New York, Long Island, Westchester, Rockland, Putnam, Sullivan, Orange, Dutchess Counties.

*Our inspections are conducted by licensed Professional Engineers In the state of New York.

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